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Why Travel With Klana?

A canvas for your dream-woven journey where every detail is meticulously curated, blending cultural immersion and personal indulgence. Experience the path unknown, connect with locals, and find solace in unexpected corners.

Beyond destinations, it’s the people who shape us – our local guides and KLANA mate aren’t just experts, they are storytellers intertwining history, culture, and nature into a narrative that enlivens each step of your journey, enriching your odyssey with newfound friends.

Our adventures prioritize safety, sustainability, and community support, leaving a positive footprint on both you and the planet 🌏🌲🌳

  • Fathia Izzati (Musician) in Sukabumi Hill Retreat

    β€œI had such an amazing trip with KLANA. Everything was well thought out. The itinerary is unique and I made great friends along the way. I can't wait for more trips with KLANA in the future!”

  • Briyan in Blind Trip Vol. 2: Meramban

    β€œβ€¦my first Blind Trip experience. Overall, dapet feel untuk surprise tripnya. Good choice dengan tempat dan tema trip yang selaras. Bisa dapet teman baru, cerita baru juga dari berbagai perspektif. Pokoknya asik deh ikut KLANA.”